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School visits!

Most people have never imagined what a picture book story sounds and looks like without the illustrations. I show a picture book layout and read the words so that audiences might imagine how they would illustrate the story. I ask for suggestions about which words require illustrations, so children (and adults) can better put themselves in the role of illustrator.

I also demonstrate how I create a character by using a flip book of a changing face. Just the angle change of two simple lines (the eyebrows) can signal a character’s emotion going from surprise to anger. Audience participation is encouraged!

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(Thanks to Greensboro Academy, and to Field librarian and photographer Jody Sitts.)

Thank you, Susie Wilde for your lovely post about my visit to the Flyleaf bookstore in Chapel Hill, NC:
And thank you to Rosemarie Gulla for all of those magnificent hats at The Randolph County Library.

Listen to Frank Stasio talk with Katie Wyatt, Kidznotes Executive Director, and me. Kidznotes students Marcus Gee and Heyda Ortiz and their instructor, Oakley Lyon, perform live.